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Kataklysm 2018 - Solo M1.jpg


Distortion Music Group is a boutique record label, headed by industry veteran and Juno award winner Maurizio Iacono, having fronted the metal band Kataklysm (Nuclear Blast records), Ex Deo (Napalm Records) and Invictus (Eone entertainment ) for the last thirty years, Maurizio has notably distinguished himself as a forward thinking music Industry entrepreneur, having started HARD IMPACT MUSIC INC. In 2008, a music management company that quickly grew into a top performing home for Metal artists worldwide, He also helped create two power house touring agencies: Continental touring in North America and Decibel touring in Europe, these extra wings give Distortion music group a big advantage into developing musical careers through the touring outlet.


Distortion Music Group’s main goal is to serve the artist needs and create a partnership that benefits everyone involved not just for the record label and gives power back into the artist hands in this ever changing musical climate .

Kataklysm 2018 - Solo M1.jpg
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